Monday, June 05, 2006

Capstone Kinda Day

The last day today pretty much brought us all full circle: my room was in tragic disarray, I did virtually nothing that could be considered by the un-trained eye to be productive, and Octopus Child dialed 911 on the school's payphone. This was done, and I quote, to "...have the police come take away that big bear statue. I don't like him no more..." I guess I wasn't quite sure why no one stopped him, but after a lunch out with co-workers, I arrived to the school to find the office staff and safety patrol all a-tremble. I just let it slide- I am positive that this will not be the first of Octopus Child's dealings with the heat.

Beyond that, the kids helped me pack up and asked if I would be their first grade teacher tomorrow. We have been talking the last few weeks about how I will be moving to Michigan to live and teach, yet they still have that endearing hope that they will come waltzing back into our concrete shoebox in August. We looked at Michigan on a map, and saw where it was reletive to Illinois, and where Mexico was reletive to Illinois as well since it was something many already have experienced.

Octopus Child passed out cupcakes for his birthday, licking his fingers between each one and relishing the power of deciding who will get the red one. I need to note here- I passed out more that eight notes this year saying that cupcakes are not a good treat to send to school due to the mess. Octopus is about the tenth kid to bring them and true to their nature, the kids immediately ate the frosting and ground the cake portion into what is no longer my rug.

At the end of the day, with backpacks bulging full of papers and supplies and some new books I gave them, they all waved and one boy yelled as he left:

"Bye Mrs. Clarateaches! Have fun in Michigan, and see you in first grade!"

Can Michigan begin to compare?