Monday, April 19, 2010


8 pounds, 20 inches long; fuzzy, downy hair; caramel-colored, like Gianna's; Vincent John entered this world early in the morning on April 8. Even though Dr. Older Guy had ordered an OR team to assemble upstairs, I blasted through the apparent conventions of that hospital and successfully VBAC'ed my baby! Even though the doc seemed nervous and tense about the whole deal, he did crack a smile and say, "You've single-handedly altered (and then aside to a nurse, 'Or created,') the VBAC statistics of this hospital."

He wasn't kidding- The only other mama and baby pair in the birthing area when I was admitted was a planned induction. Later, that mom and I were moved upstairs to make way for two more planned inductions, and a planned Cesarean section.

I have so, so many thoughts and ruminations and deep ponderings, with regards to this birth and the hospital and birth in general. For now, though, I'm enjoying the newborn, otherworldliness of my wrinkly, curled-up little bug. And am in awe over the whole new family we have- I have a son! A girl and a boy. How very "dollhouse" of us, no?