Saturday, March 04, 2006

More Musings from my Munchkins…

Posting opportunities have been few and far between… between the various school mandated functions (disfunctions?) and moments in the classroom that are far from funny (why am I the only kindergarten class this year with at least four DCFS calls? Oh yeah, because God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, and I can do this… really, I can…) I haven’t had a lot of material.

As with most things, however, there still are parts of the day that make me so happy to know these little people.

* Cute Little Guy That I Want to Adopt: Comes up to me with a mixture of embarrassment and hopefulness, wearing light tan pants and a white tee- “Mrs. Clarateaches, my dad said it was okay to wear two different shades of white. Is it okay?”

* Girl Who Likes to Copy Me: Yesterday walked over to me and started to lightly color on my arm with a light peach crayon.

Me: “What’s up, Girl?”
Girl: “Hey Mrs. Clarateaches, I finally found a crayon that is the same color as your skin!” She happily trots back to her seat to finish her journal.

Later, this same girl was choosing books from our Family Time box.

Me: “Here are the English books, and these ones are the Spanish ones.”
Girl: Drops one book, and eagerly paws through Spanish ones: “Oh, I want these ones! You know, Mrs. Clarateaches, I really get sick of speaking English…”

I need a substitute later next week, so I’m sure their versions of the day without Mrs. Clarateaches should be intensely amusing!

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gs said...

Few and far between, maybe, but still anticipated and welcome.