Saturday, April 29, 2006


A few disjointed, non-connected thoughts from my sprouts.

* Octopus Child, during our daily attempt to give him some extra help in learning letters. I showed him the letter "F" (one of about eight letters he knows) and he yells triumphantly- "F! F like the swear word!"

(Note to self- teach Octopus Child the letters using swear words from now on...)

* Artsy Girl, on the playground- "Whew! It's hot. I'm going to ask my dad to turn on the cold heat when I get home."

* Little Clara, during the Mother's Day Tea- "Hey look! My mom's crying! NO REALLY, SHE IS; HEY LOOK!" (pointing to her very pregnant and embarrassed mother).

* Octopus Child likes to do this when things are hairy- the classroom is chaos and he'll whirl around and pat my belly and ask, "When is your baby due?" (I'm not pregnant, by the way!)

* I was going over letters with my students who haven't quite gotten around to learning them. I had the letter cards held out to them at about chest-height, but they kept staring directly at my face and rapid-fire shouting random letters in the hopes that they could get it right. After patiently telling them a couple of times to look at the cards, I told them, "Just look! Look at the cards- I am giving you the answer! The letters are not on my face; if there ever are any letters on my face, please tell me!" They stared at my face, and one little girl stood up and traced the vein that was now poking out of my forehead while happily chirping, "You have a "Y" right here!"

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