Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gianna Bright and her Mighty Dogasus

Day 1- "Lola, meet the baby." Lola, the doggess, looks mightily interested, baby sleeps. Lola tries to eat the stupid, dinky hat that the Hospital from Hell magnanimously gives away.

Month 1- Baby tries to track Lola, who moves too fast. Lola attacks a stuffed bunny.

Month 2- Lola discovers that Baby is a magical source of regurgitated breastmilk. Lola instantly grows wings and is a Dogasus, an intelligent, winged, breastfed dog. The Neighborhood Dog Choir is instantly smitten by her blindingly shiny fur. Baby still gives nary a crap.

Month 6- Here we go...

Gianna has discovered the dog, and is now full of love for this licky, furry critter. She jabbers to the dog in a high-pitched screech, and Lola walks around on high auditory alert now- ears pulled all the way back. It makes her cheekbones look awesome, and that combined with her super shine is just too much. Dang dog. She shows her love for the baby by licking her feet, while the baby buries her hands in Lola's bouncin' and behavin' fur. This is truly the beginning of a force to be reckoned with.


The Baker said...

How cute! Aaron is in love with Red and Robin. He thinks they're hysterical, but they're a little clumsy around him. Red has learned that he is an EXCELLENT source of snacks. And he thinks it's even funnier to watch her eat what he drops. So he starts throwing her food.

She will seriously gain 10lbs when we have kids!

Miss you!

Clara said...

Oh my gosh, I totally miss you, too! I'll call you when I get a second to breathe...